A little about us!

Noochie’s Nest opened as a vacation rental early in 2014. We would be very happy to have you enjoy your vacation with us!

This house has been in our family for well over 100 years! Several generations have been raised here. It has seen many changes over the years, and we have renovated, restored and updated the house once again. We have striven to maintain some of the original flavor of the house, including some original woodwork, hardwood floor upstairs, and a few of the original doors. We will continue to work on the exterior, hoping to restore some of the original appeal there also. All the original windows were replaced in 2013, but the window sizes were kept as they always had been.

The family legend is that this house survived the Great Fire of 1896. That fire began with the Diamond Match Company, and spread to devour most of the village of Ontonagon. The story is that the fire stopped short at the back of this house. Indeed, we found signs of fire damage to the rear of the house when we remodeled. Could that damage have been from the Great Fire, or was it from some other disaster? We do not know.

My mother was known for her “renovations” during the 1960’s and 1970’s. During one such a time, she was tearing apart a wall at the back of the house. Stuffed in the wall was a copy of an Ontonagon Herald that someone had placed there as a time capsule. It was dated for the week after the fire. That newspaper listed the owner of this house, John Sellers, as having suffered an uninsured loss of $700 in the fire. What did he lose? We do not know. However, that seems to be a significant amount of money for the time.

We hope you enjoy our historical home, and trust that you will care for it as your own. We welcome any suggestions to make your stay more pleasurable!

Local Newspaper “The Ontonagon Herald” from 1896, found in a wall at Noochie’s Nest

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