Pet policy and pet care services

We love our pets, and want you to enjoy having your pets vacation with you, too. So we welcome your furry friends, and ask that you please follow a few simple rules to keep everyone happy!

* Your pet must be registered. Multiple pets may be allowed – please check with the management.

* Please keep your pet supervised at all times.

* We request you do NOT leave your pet alone for long periods, either in the house or tied up outside. If you need to be gone for a long period and cannot take you pet with you, please avail yourself of our Pet Care Services (See below).

* If your pet must be left alone in the house, he/she must be kenneled or confined to one small area, preferably not on the carpeting. This will help the animal feel safe in an unfamiliar environment, and prevent major problems from occurring. (Kennels are available upon request.)

* You are responsible for cleaning up after your pet. An additional charge may apply if your pet messes or damages the house. We pride ourselves on keeping the home clean. Please see that you and your pet do your part!

* Please keep your pet on a leash or appropriately tied when outside. We are in the village, and there are laws prohibiting unleashed animals.

* Every responsible pet owner knows that animals should be current on their vaccines, have no fleas and be well-behaved. What a shame if another animal caught an illness because of neglect in these areas!

* Please bring your own pet food and pet dishes.

Do you plan a full day on the slopes or sleds, or at the beach, but do not want to leave your furry friend unattended for so long? If so, you may be interested in requesting our Pet Care Services: For an additional charge of $20 per day, we will see that your furry friend is looked after while you are out. We will see that he/she is exercised (walked), fed, and pottied. The price will vary depending on the size, temperament, and number of pets. This additional service must be requested.

Our pets, Kayla, Hoss, Maggie, Lilly, Buttercup, & Kitty welcome you & your pets!